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Handmade By Sam

With years in experience in Jewellery making,  Sam has incorporated her creative gifts and her crystal knowledge together to form her own Handmade Crystal Jewellery brand. 

Sam featured in Malta Fashion Week as a designer and has a collection of design awards under her belt. 

Each piece of jewellery is created to metaphysically support the wearer. Custom orders are created to support and nurture your energy centres. 

Below is a portfolio of some of my past creations. To see what I have in store, please click the button - Visit Etsy Store.

To organise a Made to Match Custom order, please select Enquire for Custom Order.

Visit Etsy Shop Store
Enquire For a Custom Order
Rose Quartz Necklace Sam Selby
Sam Selby Hematite, labradorite and Jasper Mala
Sam Selby Labradorite and Clear Quartz Necklace
Sam Selby Green Aventurine Neckladce
Sam Selby Amazonite and Citrine Beads
Sam Selby Lapis Lazuli and Opalite Wrap Necklace
Sam Selby Indian Agate Bracelet
Sam Selby Lapis Lazuli Bracelet
Sam Selby Black Dragons Vein Moon Necklace
Sam Selby Green Aventrine and Amazonite Necklace
Sam Selby Aum Moss Agate Necklace
Sam Selby Citrine Earrings
Sam Selby Green Agate and Watermelon Mala
Sam Selby Bracelets
Sam Selby Rose Quartz Angel
Sam Selby Tigers Eye Cicada and Black Agate Mala
Sam Selby Blue Lace Agate Necklace
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