Reading Reviews and Testimonials

Rosa Maria  5/5

'Very professional. I fully recommend Sam's readings of pure genuine guidance. She's amazing.'

Sam Vassallo  5/5

'Eloquent, dynamic, empowering, Sam is professional yet super friendly, poignant and ready to share her many years of experience and guide you spiritually through whatever going on in your life. BIG recommend, x'

Schrae Martin  5/5

'Sam was so great. Found out what is holding me back and helping me fix it to. I can finally see a light somewhere in the distance and she is helping me get there to find it...'

Adele Sant  5/5

'If you ever need some help and guidance Sam is the person to turn to. Very positive in her readings on what path you should be following rather than where you have gone wrong.'

Vanessa Coleiro  5/5 

'I met Sam by chance sitting next to her at a tea ceremony and she kindly offered to read my tea leaves and WOW she blew my mind. She gave me a simple answer to such a burning question I had for a while. Recommend a reading with her.'

Kristy Lauwers  5/5 · 

'I hopped on one MORNING she was drawn to me, and did a reading. so spot on!! this woman is amazing, 100% accurate and is an amazing healer for the world!!! 
highly recommended'

Hada Sophie 5/5

'Sam is very gentle and tells you exactly what you need to hear, assimilate and integrate in the right way.
She reassures you and gives you very good, personal, individual tips.
She genuinely wants to help and allow your soul to guide you.
Thank you!'

Malik SB  5/5· 

I had a wonderful reading from Sam. She has a lovely and kind manner. She provided me with guidance on my financial situation.'

Kim Stevenson 5/5

'I just had a reading done with Sam and it was truly amazing. i feel like I have the guidance of where I should be heading. everything that was mentioned related to my life and I came out feeling positive and enlightened. highly recommend. 😊'

Elsa Rosa Lopes 5/5

'Very accurate readings <3'

Karen Armstrong  5/5

'Enlightening moving true amazing evidence and proof. There has to be a deep connection to home'

Pallavi Sharma 5/5 · 

'Fantastic and accurate reader'

Debbie Mills  5/5

'Such an unexpected reading was spot on Sam ! Thank you so much. Greatly appreciated. I will definitely start meditating again to combat the busy, all over the place mind. Thank you once again. Sending light and blessings xxx'

Josh Beeson  5/5

'Fantastic highly recommended!!'

Roy Walters  5/5

'Sam gave me a reading this morning and she was fantastic , spot on , she brought my partner through Barbara who i sadly lost two years ago , it was very moving ,there were tears all round very moving but also very uplifting for me, I had given up on a lot of things and lost faith in alot of things, just not motivated in life, its still crippling , but Sam as restored something back in me, and now i will try and push forward, its not going to be easy far from it but now i knowBarbara is around me it will get me up off my knees , and has restored my faith in many things , only half an hour prior to this reading i had told spirit and god i had given up, they do listen to you and they are there, even though at times you think you are on your own, make no mistake your not on your own, if feels like it at times, then at the right time some one like Sam comes along, and restores what you have lost or losing,I cant thank this young lady enough, even after the short reading she messaged me to see if i was ok, that is going the extra mile , god bless you Sam, xx'

Janine Breckon  5/5

'I can certainly recommend Sam without a doubt She knew exactly where my worries came from to the point I was taken aback somewhat. So if you want a genuine, accurate, precise reading with someone who cares I would definitely encourage you to make an appointment with Sam 💖

Gabrielle Jones  5/5

'My reading was very accurate and she mentioned a woman that truly guides me in my life, this is when I knew the reading was real! She had key details, and feelings of my current life state. Her reading truly was a blessing! <3'

Jessica Craver    5/5

'When I got my reading she nailed it. she was 100% accurate.'

Courtney Miriah 5/5

'She’s spot on with her readings! Her energy is so great!! ♥️♥️'

Joanne Roberts 5/5

'Sam was so spot on,  An amazing reading she did'!'

Jenn Brown  5/5

'Wow!!! It’s amazing seeing the connections made...The messages are inspirational and spot on!!!!'

Victoria Hatch LeChat Noir  5/5

'Sam gave me a great reading today. She has validated my feeling that my grandma is around me. Thank you, Sam. I'll let them shine'

Zara Mare  5/5

'Wow! Thank you so much Sam for an amazing reading! A lot resonated with me -heaps, and I'm looking forward to the new beginnings in my life after alot of hurt & pain & anxiety & depression. I guess there is light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you so much very much appreciate it ☺️'

Chloe Isabel  5/5

'Very on point with what this lady says 100% recommend xx'

Tonia Howell's 5/5 

'Sam's Readings give you the best way to keep you going, and to let you know everything will be okay'    Psychic Sam Jewellery Malta

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